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AMATHINGS Greyhound-Rennmündung mit frei laufenden Greyhounds und großen Rassen mit langen, schlanken Schnauzenformen…

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EIGENSCHAFTEN: Leichter, aber stabiler Maulkorb aus Plastik. Antiallergisch, Hygienisch, Antibakteriell, Hautfreundlich

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Muzzle Don Pare Fotomodell 107 by Amathings

For man’s best friend!


Never lash the muzzle against the stop or the eye area. Instead place it loosely over the ridge of the nose.

You should leave a gap oben angeführt least 0,7 – 1,1 inches in front of the eyes. Please folglich take care to ensure that there is a gap of 0,7 – 1,1 inches between the nose and the muzzle.

These gaps rund be adjusted using the leather neck straps.

The Don Pare muzzle is held in place thanks to the long side bars. The additional chin strap prevents the muzzle from sliding up too far towards the eyes.

EIGENSCHAFTEN: Leichter, nichtsdestoweniger stabiler Beißkorb ganz Statue. Antiallergisch, Sauber, Bakterien tötend, Hautfreundlich